A Fresh Start and New Hope For Mental Wellness in 2019 with Ketamine

A Fresh Start and New Hope For Mental Wellness in 2019

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America Should Prioritize Happiness in 2019 for Better Mental Health

The new year brings a fresh start, new hope, and, if you’re like millions of other Americans, a traditional resolution. Saving money and losing weight are always near the top of the resolution list nationally and seem to be a top priority. Though financial stability and great physical health are very important, there’s something missing on this list and it’s BIG…

It’s happiness.

Suicide Rates Continued to Increase in 2018

With suicide rates on the rise, it’s essential that we start the conversation about major depression, suicidal ideation, and overall happiness. Major depression affects 121 million people worldwide including 1 in 6 Americans. The statistics are alarming yet, we don’t see personal happiness or mental well-being on any of these lists.

Perhaps it’s because of the stigma surrounding mental health.

We Need to Continue Breaking Down the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Maybe you or a loved one has lost hope in finding happiness and achieving mental wellness due to failed traditional treatments.

That’s where our COPE centers can help restore hope, happiness, and mental wellness. With facilities in Atlanta, St. Louis, Charlotte, Houston, Philadelphia, and New York City, rapid relief using evidence-based IV Ketamine and Esketamine (Spravato) infusions is only an appointment away.

COPE Psychiatry in 2019 for Advanced Psychiatric Treatments that will Make a Difference

Patients who come to our clinics have tried other treatments to no avail, and are looking for something more revolutionary than the standard protocol. In fact, 75% of patients who suffer from treatment-resistant psychiatric illnesses do experience quick and substantial relief after receiving ketamine infusions.

Ketamine and Esketamine (Spravato) can lift the veil of depression almost immediately with patients reporting relief within hours after an infusion. It’s been referred to as “one of the biggest advances in psychiatry”. Ketamine and Esketamine (Spravato) brings new hope to those who suffer but aren’t helped by traditional antidepressant medications and treatments.

Happiness Starts with Good Brain Health

Remember that even though it might feel like happiness and sadness come from your heart, they’re actually manufactured in your brain. Our team of highly-skilled physicians from across the country can help you get on the road to happiness and a renewed sense of mental wellness in the New Year.

Make 2019 the Year to Prioritize Your Mental Health

Make your mental health a priority in the New Year. Schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today with one of our psychiatric experts for a brighter, more enjoyable 2019.