A New COVID-19 Therapy Program Now Available at COPE - COPE

A New COVID-19 Therapy Program Now Available at COPE

The psychological consequences of COVID-19 can be devastating, sometimes even more than the physical manifestations. We have restrictions and guidelines in place to help keep our bodies safe and healthy, but the same isn’t always true for our mental wellbeing.

Many people are suffering from the psychological impact of COVID-19 each day.

In fact, studies show increases in anxiety, depression, loneliness, aggression, unhealthy behaviors like overeating or gambling, and suicidal thoughts.

To further help in the fight against COVID-19, our COPE team has developed a novel 6-week teletherapy program aimed to help patients adapt to the negative emotions and behaviors surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more HERE

A Comprehensive Program Designed For Mental Wellness

Remember, the way you feel during COVID-19 matters. The concerns surrounding the pandemic, your physical health, and the economy can have a devastating effect on your mental health. Our comprehensive program was specifically developed to help patients during these challenging times from the safety and comfort of home.

COPE’S COVID-19 Therapy Program incorporates the benefits of ACT therapy combined with mindfulness-based stress reduction, resiliency training, and crisis counseling. Combined, these approaches can help you live a rich and meaningful life through adaptation and acceptance.

Now is the time to create positive change in your life. Don’t let the psychological effects of COVID-19 weigh you down. Make your mental health a priority today and every day because this too will end.