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Prashant Gajwani, MD

Prashant Gajwani, MD, is a Board Certified psychiatrist and medical director of the Solace Center in Sugar Land, TX. Dr Gajwani founded The Solace Center in 2015 after spending almost 2 decades in Academic Medical centers to focus on providing evidence based comprehensive treatment with the rigor of academic medicine to private practice focusing on, but not limited to for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit disorder. He is also board certified in addiction medicine and is the adjunct clinical associate professor of psychiatry at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, TX.

Dr Gajwani has also been involved in multiple clinical trials over the last 2 decades and has a keen interest in developing new treatment options for clients who do not respond to currently available treatment options. He has authored numerous peer reviewed scientific publications mostly focused on pharmacological therapies and has lectured at various conferences locally, nationally and inter-nationally. He has been an active researcher, clinician and has mentored many medical students, psychiatry residents and fellows and psychiatric nurse practitioners. He has been nominated as a top-physician in Houston, TX multiple times.

Dr. Gajwani enjoys cycling, cooking and gardening in his spare time.

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