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7 Scientifically-Proven Ways To Calm Down During A Panic Attack
If you have an anxiety disorder — or are experiencing a lot of stress — then you're likely familiar with how difficult it can be to calm down during a panic attack. Once your mind starts racing, and your body fills with dread, it's really tough to relax and bring yourself back to reality.
5 signs your successful coworker is actually a psychopath
How likely is it that you work with a psychopath? Despite misconceptions that psychopaths are only serial killers or rich men who fly jets to their private islands, about 1% of the general population and 3% of business leaders are psychopaths. So, the chance is actually pretty present.
COVID-19: The mental side of a pandemic
The novel coronavirus pandemic has prompted unprecedented changes to the ways people go about their daily lives. Donning face masks, engaging in contactless meal deliveries or curbside pickups, and staying at least six feet apart in certain social settings such as grocery shopping are just a few things that have become normal. While these activities are helping to curb the crisis in the physical sense, it’s important to maintain mental and emotional well-being, too.