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Managing Stress During A Stressful Time

COVID-19 is a novel epidemic with an evolving global risk. For those with existing mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and OCD, the type of stress can add to existing anxieties.

The Problem With Trying To ‘Control’ Anxiety vs. Treat It

Anxiety disorders are a condition that an estimated 19 million U.S. adults suffer from each year. And, because anxiety disorders are so common, there’s no shortage of self-help tips floating around on the Internet about how to deal with your anxiety. Here's the problem with treating vs. controlling your symptoms.

Improve Your Anxiety for Free and At-Home

Anxiety is often a reaction to life’s daily stressors. We’ve probably all experienced anxiety to some extent whether due to a big event, deadline or setback. There are many reasons to feel anxious that are considered normal human behavior. However, since anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorder in the U.S., it’s important to recognize when anxiety becomes excessive.