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How To Use Self-Compassion As A Tool To Fuel Positivity in 2021

Kindness is a simple concept, yet so influential. It’s one of the “golden rules” we learn at an early age somewhere between the ABCs and counting. Kindness to others is important and contagious! Scientific research has shown that kindness has some very positive effects on your well-being. Unfortunately, too many people often overlook the importance of self-kindness and

How many times have you criticized yourself or continuously relived a mistake?

“Why did I say that?”
“I can’t believe I did that!”
“What was I thinking?!”

Negative self-talk is a powerful weapon we tend to use against ourselves instinctively. Positive self-talk is an equally powerful tool we can use to overcome negativity. The key is to recognize whether you are using positive self-talk or negative self-talk.
The good news is that you can reprogram your internal monologue to fuel positivity and self-compassion this year. Here are a few ways to practice and promote positive self-talk in your life.

Set A Positive Tone

Start the day off on a positive note. There are so many ways you can set yourself up for success. Get up early…meditate…exercise…journal…the list goes on and on. However you decide to start your day, commit to 15 minutes without screen time. Let your mind ease into the day and be present with your thoughts. (This means no work emails!) Try making a goal to disconnect if even for a few hours a day. Setting boundaries is essential in creating a more balanced work/life ratio.

Welcome Positive Thinking

Did you know that we have an estimated 70,000 thoughts per day? That’s a lot of chances to either build yourself up or tear yourself down. The good news is you can develop a “glass-half-full” mindset that can conquer anxious thinking. When you stay rooted in positivity and mindfulness, you’ll be able to dismiss negative self-talk. Start by meditating for a few moments a day to help focus on all the good in your life. Positive reflection and gratitude can help you take on challenges with more resilience.

Be Kind To Yourself

Research out of the University of Michigan shows the value of self-talk. It turns out that using your first name to refer to yourself when self-talking is far more effective. A great rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say it to a friend then don’t say it to yourself! Positive thinking can be an effective stress management tool. Instead of criticizing yourself for making that mistake focus on what you’ve learned. Sometimes, you just have to let things go that are weighing down your
internal dialogue.

Let’s make 2021 a year of health, happiness, and growth! If you or someone you love is struggling with the crippling burden of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health conditions don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Medications and therapy don’t work for everyone. Our COPE supported centers offer innovative ketamine therapies that help when nothing else does.

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