Relief From OCD Symptoms With Ketamine Treatments

Relief From OCD Symptoms With Ketamine

We all have things that we obsess over in life. For instance, have you ever replayed a big event like a job interview or a first date over and over again in your mind thinking about what you could have…should have said?

Perhaps you prefer the towels in your linen closet to be folded a certain way…or you like to arrange your shoes by color in an orderly fashion.

Regardless, we all have preferences in life that make us unique (and happy!) But for someone with OCD, these thoughts aren’t little, they’re BIG. They’re intrusive, anxiety-provoking, and sometimes downright debilitating. OCD is sometimes misused and misunderstood on social media, in viral memes, and in society in general.

How many times have you heard someone say they’re “so OCD about ______”?

OCD is not something you can turn on or off like a switch.

It’s not a quirk- it’s suffering.

It’s not about logical thinking- it’s about intrusive, relentless anxiety.

And, for those who suffer, we turn to common first-line treatments like SSRIs and CBT with some success. Unfortunately, just as we see with Depression, about one-third of patients aren’t relieved by the standard OCD protocol. For these patients, we turn to second-line treatments.

New Hope in Ketamine for OCD

Severe OCD can take such a toll on a patent’s wellbeing that’s important we continue to find novel ways to treat severe cases. We need something that works quickly to alleviate the symptoms of OCD… something like Ketamine.

Though there’s still a lot more research needed on how exactly ketamine works, we know that ketamine offers major potential in developing an entirely new line of fast-acting medications to treat mental health disorders like depression and OCD. We know that Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressants that can take 8-12 weeks to be effective if at all.

Revolutionary Treatment Brings A Decline In Suffering

Essentially, many of the antidepressants used in the past 60 years work by raising levels of serotonin or a few other neurotransmitters. However, ketamine does not affect serotonin levels. Research shows that ketamine acts on glutamate, the most common chemical messenger in the brain. This makes IV Ketamine a cutting-edge treatment option for difficult to treat cases of OCD.

So, as the times continue to change, we’re thankful for emerging treatments like Ketamine that can successfully treat anxiety disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder.  Ketamine is being used as a successful treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder.

COPE offers Ketamine Treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder at our treatment centers in New York, Charlotte, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Houston. An intranasal formulation of esketamine is also available now. Contact COPE to learn more about whether you’re a candidate for Ketamine Treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder.